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Welcome to the Washlab

Need something washed?
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How it works


Our Washlab is the washing-as-a-service side of ShareWares. We serve Vancouver-based businesses that need or already have reusable containers and are looking for a washing partner on a commercial scale.


So how does it work? Once products are received into our facility, they are cleaned of debris, soaked, and put into racks to be washed and fully sanitation in our commercial-grade EcoLab dishwasher. Next, they are dried, meticulously inspected for cleanliness, and packed into cases ready for delivery!


We use EcoLab's premium detergents to ensure products are fully sanitized and our washing equipment undergoes daily inspection and testing to guarantee health and safety for our customers.

Our priority

What we wash

Here are the preferred specifications of the reusable containers we can wash safely and efficiently: 

  • No risk of shattering during washing, handling, or transport

  • Washable with soap, water, and commercial washing agents

  • Fits in a commercial kitchen dish rack (max 20” x 20” x 17")

  • Stackable and can nest into one another

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your packaging type and washing needs at


Our credentials 


We operate at a Vancouver Coastal Health-approved washing facility located in Olympic Village, Vancouver. Our facility has received a GMP high hygiene certification from NFS, letting us wash for your favourite brands such as Tim Hortons and Earnest Ice Cream!

Need help with reusables?

Is your restaurant, café, festival, or other sustainably-driven business looking for reusable cups or takeout containers?


Let's chat about how we can make it easier!

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