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About Us

The core of our business is to help accelerate Vancouver's transition to a zero-waste, circular economy. 

We're a city-wide borrowing platform, with a goal to make reusable containers convenient and accessible, so they may become the default choice for all packaging selection.

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The Problem

Despite an imminent threat of global warming to everything we hold dear, there exists a concerning lack of urgency and awareness surrounding accessible and attainable solutions. There is a misalignment of global priorities and planetary goals which has resulted in minimal collective efforts to avert the impending catastrophe of climate change. The crux of the problem lies in the need for widespread behavioral change as a pivotal solution to addressing this pressing issue. 

The North Star

To create a vibrant, equitable, and thriving community that embraces imperfections and differences, while fostering forgiveness and connection. Our vision is to unite in our commitment to live with harmony and nature, and cherish the extraordinary gifts of our beautiful planet - because Mars sucks.

Our Vision

An empowered Vancouver community with the awareness and tools to break free from our deeply engineered throwaway lifestyles, and to catalyze the end of climate change. 


Our Mission

to end the world's waste crisis.

What We Stand For


We believe in making choices that minimize our footprint, and fight to promote responsible practices that preserve our planet for the future.


We constantly seek new and creative ways to solve the pressing challenges we face by embracing curiosity and pushing boundaries.


We actively engage in our local and global communities to empower collective action, and make our efforts more vibrant and inclusive.

Fists in Solidarity


We cultivate an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone's voice is  heard and differences are celebrated. We promote collaboration and unique perspectives.


We have an unwavering determination to make a meaningful difference. We are fueled by an indomitable spirit and relentless commitment to change the status quo and drive positive change

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