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For Events

Closed-spaced events account for millions of single-use items being discarded each year. In a bustling city like Vancouver, it's evident that a transformative shift is necessary is necessary to tackle this issue head-on.

If your event space is inclined to make more sustainable choices, let's embrace the concept of reuse together! By offering your attendees ShareWares reusables', we can come together to make a positive impact, and champion zero-waste at a larger scale.

"Everyone's running on festival fumes, and you making our lives easier by being flexible, available, and efficient, was WONDERFUL."

Showcase your sustainable values

Let your customers know that you care about maintaining a clean, healthy planet.

Hassle-free experience

No contracts or hidden fees to sign on. ShareWares handles all washing container, returns and refunds.

Dedicated Account Manager

Receive catered support to help you get set up and taken care of in your sustainable efforts.

Free Online Marketing

As a part of the ShareWares' sustainable community, enjoy fee online marketing on all your events and new across our social platforms

People Enjoying Drinks in ShareWare Cups at VMF Summer Festival Street Party Granville Pro

Low Waste Events

Our primary goal is to provide you with a hassle-free and eco-friendly experience by offering a comprehensive range of reusable cups and containers.

With these closed-space events, your attendees no longer have to worry about deposits or finding a return bin. With ShareWares Events, attendees can enjoy their beverages and food, returning items as they go, stress-free.

But our commitment doesn't end there! After your event, our dedicated team will promptly collect all the reusables, and bring them back to our wash facility. This process allows us all to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, ensuring that the items are ready to be used again for future events.

"Since first working with ShareWares while at VMF, to bringing you to Signals, and now to IndieFest, I am so happy that we've collaborated throughout 2023. Thank you for making it easy to do so!"

Kristina Lao - Lead Producer

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