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Our Story

George Heyman - Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

ShareWares emerged as a powerful solution in response to the pressing global challenges of waste production, and the need for sustainable business models. The urgency to address the staggering resource depletion often eludes us all, because we don't often witness it's immediate consequences in our daily lives. Out of sight, out of mind. 


But then, something clicked. 

The COVID-19 pandemic provided an unprecedented opportunity - a convergence of resources, a planet in reverse, and a world in flux - creating the perfect conditions for change. 

Suddenly, the stars aligned, and we realized that the time for action was now. 

We understood that if we could make sustainable choices easily accessible, and convenient, people would embrace them wholeheartedly.

Sea Pollution

Drawing inspiration from the simplicity and harmony of life on a Manitoba farm, our founder recognized the need to bring the sustainability of the past with the technology of the present, and food packaging was the ideal starting point - a highly visible and tangible climate impact opportunity that could raise awareness and create a significant positive change, even at a small scale

By reducing waste and production, we can also contribute to mitigating climate change.

It's our turn to make the right choice easy and convenient for everyone. We discovered that rapid change could happen in a matter of months, not years, and we are determined to put an end to the waste culture. 

Change starts here, and now, with our story. And our story is you.

How We Do It

Cups in Container
ShareWares cups in dish rack (Photo Credit Gavin Grace).jpg
Delivery service

100% recyclable polypropylene to produce long-lasting, durable reuse products

State of the art WashLab and sanitation facility to ensure safe and healthy reuse

Full-serviced, personal redistribution and delivery across Vancouver

People Enjoying Drinks in ShareWare Cups at VMF Summer Festival Street Party Granville Pro

We Aim High

Our products are produced in partnership with a Certified B Corporation located in the United States. Our team's commitment to redefine the term waste to resource is supported by the B Corp community.


We are honoured and proud to be recognized alongside many incredible organizations transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet.

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