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ShareWares x Bard on the Beach: A Sonnet for the Ages

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival: A Sustainable Shakespearean Extravaganza

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Vancouver, Canada, the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival has long been a cultural institution, enchanting audiences with the immortal words of William Shakespeare against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty. For over three decades, this renowned festival has been a beacon for Shakespeare enthusiasts and theater lovers alike. However, in recent years, Bard on the Beach has undergone a remarkable transformation that not only elevates its artistic endeavors but also champions environmental sustainability through a groundbreaking partnership with ShareWares.

The Bardic Evolution: A Sustainable Revolution

Bard on the Beach's commitment to the Bard's timeless works has never wavered, but the festival's approach to sustainability has undergone a profound evolution. Understanding the importance of preserving the natural beauty that surrounds its stages, the festival embarked on a journey towards eco-consciousness, revolutionizing the way it operates.

One of the most notable initiatives in Bard on the Beach's sustainability journey is its adoption of reusable ShareWares cups. In an interview with Max Forsyth, Bard on the Beach's Operations Manager, he explained "The number one thing we found going into the landfill was single-use plastic cups used for our biggest seller, wine." Recognizing the environmental impact of disposable cups, the festival sought a better way to reduce waste.

"In 2022, we partnered with ShareWares, and it’s been a beautiful relationship ever since," Forsyth noted with enthusiasm. ShareWares provided reusable cups that not only eliminated the need for disposable ones but have also helped the festival save an astounding 24,420 cups from ending up in landfills or polluting the pristine waters of Vancouver's coastline. "We produce, unfortunately, a lot of garbage," Forsyth acknowledged. "So any way we can reduce that impact, we try to do, which is why the reusable cup program is so amazing for us." The decision to partner with ShareWares is a testament to Bard on the Beach's unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

See the positive environmental impact Bard on the Beach made by switching to reusable cups:

This sustainable shift extends far beyond just cups. The festival has also invested in responsible waste management practices and more eco-friendly operational choices (such as using recycled materials for their set design and costumes, as well as providing sustainable options at their concession). This comprehensive approach to sustainability is transforming Bard on the Beach into a beacon of eco-consciousness in the world of performing arts.

An Enchanted Blend of Art and Sustainability

Amidst this commitment to sustainability, Bard on the Beach continues to produce remarkable Shakespearean performances. Their talented actors, directors, and designers collaborate to breathe fresh life into Shakespeare's masterpieces. Audiences are transported to the enchanting world of the Bard, where the words of centuries past resonate with modern sensibilities.

What makes Bard on the Beach truly unique is the majestic backdrop it provides. The festival's stages offer sweeping views of Vancouver's skyline and the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean, creating an unparalleled theatrical experience that connects art, nature, and sustainability.

Impact on the Local Community and the Environment

Bard on the Beach's influence extends well beyond the stage. It has become an integral part of the local community, offering economic benefits and contributing significantly to the local arts scene. The festival draws visitors from far and wide, boosting tourism and the local economy. It also provides a platform for local artists, actors, and artisans to showcase their talents, fostering a thriving arts community.

Community engagement is at the heart of Bard on the Beach's mission. The festival actively collaborates with local organizations and schools, bringing Shakespeare's works to students and underserved communities. Through educational programs, workshops, and partnerships, it promotes the arts and enriches the cultural fabric of Vancouver.

A Call to Arms for Other Companies and Event Spaces

The Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival's adoption of ShareWares cups is more than just an eco-friendly choice; it serves as an inspiration and a call to arms for other companies and event spaces worldwide. As the festival pioneers this sustainable path, it challenges others to follow suit by choosing to reuse.

Reusable options, like ShareWares cups, have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach waste management at events and gatherings. Beyond the environmental benefits, choosing reusables can also have a positive impact on a company's reputation, fostering goodwill among customers who value sustainability.

The Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival has demonstrated that sustainability and artistic excellence can coexist harmoniously. As this festival sets an example for the entertainment industry and beyond, it invites us all to imagine a future where art, nature, and responsible choices unite for the betterment of our planet. In the words of the Bard himself, "All the world's a stage," and it's high time that stage embraced a sustainable, eco-conscious spotlight.


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