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A little bit about us

Who we are

We’re an impact-driven business based in Vancouver that supplies and sanitizes reusable containers for events, cafés, restaurants, and other food and beverage businesses. 

What we do

At ShareWares, the core of our business is innovation through the city's current infrastructure to create localized sustainable circular ecosystems.


To do this, we offer a suite of complementary and a la carte products and services. These include an advanced washing service for reusable containers, a supporting app for businesses and customers to easily adopt reusables, and product development consulting to assist businesses in transitioning to reusable products and packaging.


Learn more about how it works.

Interior of a Cafe

Our goal is to make reusable containers convenient and accessible so that they become the default choice for all packaging selection. 

Our why

Did you know? Vancouverites throw away 441 million cups and containers each year 👀


We imagine a different kind of future by 2030. One where your home, neighbourhood, and city have been transformed to a circular economy where products are designed for reuse again and again. This means dramatically less waste will be shipped off to the landfill.

You’re spending more time enjoying activities you love, and products are well-designed to create less waste. Enjoy a live Canucks game or a quiet night at home while knowing you are helping your community and our beautiful planet. 

New Plastic Economy Paradigm:

Our business model upholds all six vision points of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Paradigm:


To eliminate the production of unnecessary plastic packaging through redesign, innovation, and improved delivery models.


To implement reuse models everywhere possible, reducing the need for single-use plastic packaging.


To strive for 100% reusable and recyclable plastic packaging globally.


To ensure all plastic packaging is reused and/or recycled in practice.


To completely decouple the use of plastic from the consumption of finite resources.


To prioritize the health and safety of people and the environment by ensuring all plastic packaging is free of hazardous chemicals, and involved labour processes are equitable.

Sustainability Goals


Help turn our vision into a reality

ShareWares’ goal is to align our company vision with that of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are contributing to the reshaping of how we make, use, and reuse plastics, functioning circularly to avoid the environmentally destructive processes of resource extraction for virgin plastic manufacturing, and linear, end-of-life disposal.

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