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We're here to end the world's single-use waste crisis.

441, 000, 000
single use items end up in Vancouver's landfill 
every year

Join the movement towards low-waste living in Vancouver. ShareWares offers a city-wide borrowing platform where reusable packaging can be used, returned, and sanitized for redistribution. 

As a business, or an individual, you can make an impact.

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Scan any ShareWares reusable for a full refund, and drop into one of our 60+ drop spots in Vancouver.


We will pick up, wash, and sanitize each reusable to get it ready for it's next use.


Each product is repackaged and redistributed into the community, so we can work together to reduce waste and save the planet!

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Commitment to Sustainability

We believe the future IS sustainable. That's why we set a goal to achieve low-waste living across BC by reaching 15% of all businesses operating under low-waste initiatives by 2025.

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