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Support Vancouver’s
Single-Use Cup Fee

What is this about?

A notice of motion was filed to rescind the single-use cup fee in Vancouver. This will come to the City of Vancouver Council meeting on February 14th. We need to show support for clear actions that will reduce the number of cups used and move towards reusables instead.

Why is the cup fee important?

The cup fee is doing more in the background than the public can see and can be leveraged for massive change in local communities and around the world. Things ARE progressing and it IS working. The cup fee is important because it creates:

  • An incentive for individual behavioural change

  • An incentive for corporate systems change

  • The foundation for a thriving green economy

  • A model for other communities to follow

  • The opportunity for Vancouver to be a leader in sustainability and the circular economy

  • Global sustainability momentum 

The world is watching. We need your help. We can do this.

Only takes 10 seconds to help support the circular economy!

(Adapted from Zero Waste BC)

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