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Taking the waste out of Takeout

Learn how it all works


It all starts with borrowing a reusable

Visit one of our partner cafés or restaurants in Vancouver, BC and ask for reusable containers.


At the point of sale, you’ll pay a small refundable deposit (eg. $1.50 for a cup + lid set) to borrow the reusable cup or takeout container.

How it starts
Barista Making Coffee

Relax and enjoy!

Savour your favourite food or beverage, as usual. 

Well not quite like usual. As a bonus, you're saving waste from the landfill each time you use and return a reusable.


It's return time!

When you’re finished, use your phone to scan the QR code on the cup or the collection bin to find return locations and start your return process.

Additional return options include streetside Return-It Stations, home pick-up from our zero-waste grocer partners Jarr, WiseFill, and Livlite, and return to our depot directly for cash.

Coffee Machine

Now it's time to refund and reuse!

We’ll pick up, wash, inspect, scan, and refund you through an e-transfer.

These freshly cleaned containers will then be re-delivered to your favourite cafés and restaurants to be enjoyed again...and again...and again.


It’s a win-win-win for you, our community, and our planet!


Try it yourself!

1. Scan the bin

sw bin.png

2. Scan the cup

demo code website.png

This is awesome how can I start?

Click the button or scan the QR code to access our app and visit one of our partner locations today. 

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