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A little bit about us

What we do

At ShareWares, the core of our business is to help accelerate Vancouver's transition to a zero-waste,  circular economy through the city's current infrastructure.


To do this, we offer a suite of complementary and a la carte products and services.


Learn more about how it works for individuals and for businesses.

Our mission and vision


Our mission is a city-wide reusable container program for all restaurants, cafes, and anchor institutions in Vancouver. 


Our vision is to shift into a circular economy model where products are designed for reuse again and again. We want to minimize the number of natural resources wasted while helping Vancouver achieve their zero waste goals. 


We challenge YOU, your business, and your community to choose reusable containers over single-use containers where they are offered.

Our goal is to make reusable containers convenient and accessible so that they become the default choice for all packaging selection. 

Our why

Did you know...Vancouverites throw away 441 million single-use cups and containers each year!?

We imagine a different kind of future by 2030. One where your home, neighbourhood, and city have been transformed to a circular economy where dramatically less waste is shipped off to the landfill.

You’re spending more time enjoying activities you love, products are well-designed to be reused again and again, and feel good about helping your community and our beautiful planet.


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